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Professional Help With Bamboo Planting

At Burton's Bamboo Garden, we help customers in Cincinnati, Ohio, with every step of the bamboo planting process. In addition to providing live bamboo shipping and delivery, we also do barrier installation, and sell bamboo clothing.

Bamboo Barriers

There's no need to avoid planting bamboo just because you're scared it will overrun your garden. With our 24-inch to 36-inch deep barriers, we can show you how to keep bamboo in its intended place. Shipping is available for our deep root undergoing plant barriers.

Various Sizes

Our bamboo plants are available in a variety of pot sizes, as well as in root form. Our inventory includes:

#1 Pot Size  One-Year-Old Plant
#2 Pot Size  Two-Year-Old Plant
#5 Pot Size Local Pickup Preferred; Please Email for Pricing and Shipping Quote.
Dried Bamboo Canes 5 Feet To 6 Feet; Local Pickup Only

Dozens of Species

Customers who have a specific vision for their yard love coming to us because they know they will find exactly what they're looking for. Whether you're interested in tall bamboo or dwarf species, we have dozens of each kind for you to choose from. We also sell dried bamboo canes that come in clusters of 12 for $16.

Our Land

In addition taking an educational tour of our beautiful garden, you can schedule photo shoots on our property. Our bamboo farm is perfect for:

• School Field Trips
• Garden Club Tours
• Group Tours
• Family Photos
• Engagement Shoots
• Senior Portraits
The Bamboo Garden