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About Us

Burton's Bamboo Garden provides garden club tours and professional bamboo installation for residents of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the rest of the Midwest. As the only bamboo garden in the Midwest, we have more than 30 years of experience producing hardy species that can withstand the frigid winters.


Everyone these days is singing the praises of bamboo, a renewable plant used for everything from floors to socks, sheets and musical instruments. Forget what you think you know about garden "bad boy" bamboo - with a little TLC the renewable plant can add color and privacy to your yard, without taking it over.

Garden Club Tours

The best way to browse our selection of plants is by taking a private tour of our garden with owner and expert Zach Burton. In addition to bamboo, our 7-acre lake upon a 50-acre property is home to exotic birds and granite statues from the Yangtze River area, which were carved by hand in the 1800s.

Zack Burton

Tour Pricing

We provide Garden Club Tours for those who just want to marvel at the largest collection of bamboo in the northeast, private tours are available with a minimum of five people.  Please call ahead to schedule your tour. Reservations are required, and we request that you not bring any pets.

Attentive Service

Some people love the look of bamboo, but they're scared if they plant it, it will overrun their land. It's no secret that bamboo is a prolific grower, but with a little TLC, you can harness that growth to get exactly what you want from your plants. Our team will show you how to control the spread of your bamboo easily.


We are available for weddings, reunions, pictures and birthday parties. 

Rave Reviews

Burton's Bamboo Garden has sold thousands of plants across the United States and Canada, and we have completed hundreds of professional bamboo installations. Our site has been featured in books and magazines, including In Search of Great Plants, Ohio Magazine, and Living the Country Life®.